Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Winter Prep Observers

Winter prep is in full swing, with yesterday's projects being primarily about putting doors back on the houses. House prep always involves getting out the old sand of summer,drying out the houses, adding fresh straw, installing boards to hold the straw at the bases, repairing leaks, and reinstalling winter doors. These two cute raccoons rested in the tree next to Martin and Ruby for a full day, driving Ruby wild for awhile. She finally settled down to just watch them, which is what they were doing when not sleeping.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Record Rainfall

We had record rainfall for a September, at 3.32 inches on Thursday and Friday. On a quick trip
30 miles south there was much standing water in fields and on roadways. Then on Saturday
on a run out to the river cabin we could see the cresting Brule River, up to the edges of the road
and powerfully moving under the Pentoga bridge, as well as roaring past our cabin. Definitely too powerful for most paddle sporters

Friday, September 24, 2010


Took this photo of the Brule River, down our trail, before this week's deluge of rains. It was already high at that time.
The collar on the fence was left after Quattro ripped her fence apart, caught her collar , slipped it and ran off for four hours. She's fine but we were worried.
Beautiful colors were peaking prior to these strong rains that are covering the midwest.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Quattro's surgery; deer herd

Quattro is still in the house recovering from her surgery for a malignant tumor. She tries to be very patient, but she is a full hearted sled dog and just wants to be outside and running.
Hopefully she can return to her pen in a week or so.

The does and fawns are regulars in our yard these days, eating the fallen cherries and apples.
The dogs accept them and enjoy watching them. The barn cat is not a welcome visitor for the dogs but he still shows up almost as regularly as the deer.
Seeding on the trails has worked very well. And the leaves are turning beautiful colors.

Monday, September 6, 2010

County Fair

Along with thousands? of others , we attended the county fair on Sunday. The weather was sunny and cool and we enjoyed all of the traditional fair offerings, including the carousel and the horse show. It was fun to see Ashley showing in various horse classes. Grandma enjoyed a ride with Fina on the carousel, too. Fina saved her bravery for the next ride, when she rode the pink horse all by herself.
The deer are savoring the many many ripe cherries everywhere around the kennel.

Friday, September 3, 2010

On By

The weather has changed a bit, to nice and cool. The rain is welcome and the cooler air
is fantastic. Our trails have had their final grading and the ones we seeded not only have
nice growth but deer out there enjoying the new growth.

The apples are large and ripe drawing in all the wildlife. Transition season it is, although we can expect some more hot weather. Our older dogs have all made it through this tough summer.

Our older humans are hanging in there too!