Friday, November 19, 2010

White Tail Rifle Season

It's here, the opener for Wisconsin deer season is tomorrow morning. Today we had

just two young bucks in, hopefully too young to be taken.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yesterday we had a very wet heavy snow (one to two inches?). Most of it has melted and
now we'll have two days of rain. Guess we have to go through this transition to get to
the 'real' stuff. Today we're working on snowmachines. We did run trails with the ATVs yesterday, a bit slippery but it worked. Photo is last year but similar.
Sounds like we have a few more people interested in running dogs this winter, the more the

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today's Runs

Photos: Veteran Quest dogs, both age 14, Martin and Skinny ( pups together
at Aliy Zirkle's kennel), take a walk with Jim.
Ruthie, Buffy wait for Copper to be hooked up. (Copper has a thyroid problem).
Frita's and Martin's pups, run with Frita... Yuki, Yepa, Swix, all really good runners.
Buffy, Ruthie, Herman , Kiddo, a nice four dog combo.
Eos, Ruthie, Zeus, Sherpa, another nice four dog combo.

To Michigan and back , Ruthie, Buffy, Kiddo, Herman.
Internal trails: Buffy, Ruthie, Copper, Sherpa, Zeus, Eos, Swix, Frita, Yuki and Yepa and Tsunami!
Perfect day, all dogs happy.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dogs Running

Dogs in race training are: Buffy, Herman, Ruthie, Zeus, Eos, Matilda, Yepa, Tsunami,
Yeti, Swix, Rosie, Kiddo, Zoom, Yuki, Sherpa, Copper.

Yesterday's run: Buffy, Herman, Sherpa, Zeus, Ruthie, Josie
Today: Buffy, Herman, Kiddo, Zoom , Josie, Buddy

Temperature: 40's to 50's (too warm :(

Straw bale count: 22


Power , beautiful and powerful, loving dog, passed away at age twelve on Friday,
November 5, 2010. The pup of Scuba and Tanni, Power has had many spirited
free runs on our trails, but few sled hookups. Those of us who did run with him
had thrilling run through deep snows. He loved his sister, Glory, and his brother,
King and enjoyed playful high jinx with them every day. We all miss him so much, he has been a key dog in the main fabric of the kennel. We are sure he is running fast and free
and no longer in pain.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

On Field Camera at the Front Gate

The cat photo is taken at 11:04 PM by the field camera, down by the front gate, on 11/3/10.

This morning (11/4/10) Skinny's photo is taken by same camera, same place, to give perspective on the size of the cat. We don't know what it is, possibly a bob cat? remotely
a young cougar still with markings.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Lillen is ailing

Lillen is having trouble with opening her jaws and has had some medication for it. We'll go back today to have the Dr. reassess her condition. She isn't eating or drinking.
In this photo she is avidly running in right swing, behind Skinny... both of them look great .
Julia is the driver in this photo.