Monday, December 12, 2011

Dear Glory

We said goodbye to our dearest Glory on Saturday. Having a regrowth of a stage IV tumor, she lasted with good heart and happiness for 8 months following the original surgery. We miss her so much. She's been living in a pen close to the house since her surgery and has had a great time running free each day, revisiting her old pen occasionally. She is the last pup of our original Scuba, no more lineage back to Scuba and Tanni now. She had the savvy of her Iditarod veteran mother, Scuba and the sweetness of her recreational leader dog, Tanni. Scuba died of cancer in 1998, the year Glory was born. Tanni died last year from an accident on the road. Glory raced with me, in lead, in Nicolet Sprint and she, the deep snow dog, broke many trails at SPK over the years. Godspeed, Glory dear (or as I called her, Glory, Glory, Hallelujah).

Weather is not our friend so far this winter. December 12th and it's raining. There is snow cover and the trails have a base but a few more days of this and we'll be on square one. It's too icy to run the ATV, way too early for sleds (although they are in ready position).