Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ruby, sweet Ruby, 2002-2014

Ruby was easily the happiest dog at Summer Place Kennel.   Born February 2, 2002, she was the daughter of Liller (Butcher ) and Skinny (Louden, Zirkle), a wonderful litter.   Her litter siblings are/were:  Ruthie, Buffy, Kiddo and Quattro.   They were an energetic bunch from the beginning and had many, many great runs and races .  Ruthie, Buffy and Kiddo survive.

Early on, Ruby and Ruthie entertained a sort of rivalry, which translated each morning to fence sparring.   As soon as either would be out for her free run, they would run to the other's pen and bark, bark, bark.   Yesterday we watched them spar for the last time and as sick as she was, Ruby was enthusiastic and happy in her morning visit to Ruthie.

Ruby and Martin lived together for a long time.  When Martin died, Ruby was lost, so in moved Yo, Martin's neutered son.   They, too, have lived together for a long time.  Yo paid tribute to her in a very long solo howl yesterday.  He seems to be mourning her loss .  Each day they would vie for the larger house, and each day he gave in to her.   After her loss yesterday, he just laid by the smaller house, waiting for her to take the big one.

We can't know what's in their hearts, but we do know we all miss that little happiest spitfire that was Ruby.

Godspeed, dear Ruby.   Rest in gentle peace, next to your dear protector, Martin.