Sunday, May 19, 2013 Our Summer Blog

Now that we can see grass and blossoms and snow is mostly gone, we are moving to our summer blog.
This year the link is :
Please join us there for our reports on our dogs and the local wildlife.   Currently we still have two baby foxes living under our largest outbuilding.  Stay tuned.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Spring Straw

In the winter we generously distribute straw to keep each and every dog warm and dry.  In the spring we have to remove ALL of that straw since it draws insects, weeds, burrowing critters, etc.   The pitching and hauling is a huge effort .  This year Tanner Johnson and Anthony Kligis are the straw haulers.  Quite a few teens have earned spring spending money in the past 20 years of the kennel, hauling straw.  It's a huge project.  They finished five pens today, seven pens to go.

Baby Foxes

Monday, May 6, 2013

Last Snow?

We hope our last snow and ice for this winter was on May 3rd... we hope!  The rivers are flooding from runoff now, but birds and even hornets abounded yesterday in sunshine and high 70's for temps.

We still haven't been able to rake straw out of pens , with its recent ice encrusting.   Yesterday Tanner did get to rake straw out of the shed, taking 11 loads away.  That is just the beginning of very late spring chores.

The annual (we hope it's only once) run in with a porcupine occurred when a helper let Zoom and Sherpa out.  They ran off for 8 hours and returned to us with faces full of quills.  Zoom spent the night in the clinic and Sherpa is still sporting a sore foot.