Thursday, May 17, 2012

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summer at Summer Place Kennel of sled dogs.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New Winter Weekends, 2012- 2013

Hoping for December snow to launch our Winter Wilderness Weekends which extend through January and February, always snow permitting.

Located two hours north of Green Bay, three hours north of Milwaukee, four hours
north of Madison, we are an easy access get away location.  Leave the city  behind and enjoy this special outdoor winter experience.

The weekends are planned to teach Learn to Drive a Dog Sled for groups up to five.
Arrival on Friday night, lodging is provided in a lakeside cottage, ten miles from the kennel.

Dog sled driving participants should be reasonably fit and able to run a short distance uphill behind the sleds, as needed.   Participants who prefer to observe and perhaps photograph will also be welcome.   Each participant will learn how to handle a dog team being harnessed and hooked up.

Early Saturday a.m. you will be transported to the kennel where we'll immerse you in the world of dog sled driving.  Get to know the basics of dog sled driving, while getting to know these great dogs, taught on our 80 acres of groomed trails. All teams are accompanied by snowmachine and handler.   Trail lunch at noon and opportunities to run more sleds, cross country ski or snowshoe in the afternoon.   Saturday p.m. we'll return you to the cottage for a hot Yooper pasty supper,  some fireside chat and a dog sled video.  

The weekend cost is $325 per person, including lodging, three hours of dog sled driving instruction for the group,  free time on the trails, trail lunch, hot supper. A $100 deposit is required three weeks prior to your weekend arrival.   If weather does not cooperate with enough snow for sleds, we can set a reschedule date or provide the basics with our ORV, safe conditions permitting.    We guarantee a weekend of  memorable getaway from your daily world. 

For more information, call:  Summer Place Kennel, 715.528.4456, email:

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Raining pitchforks, crowbars

When it rains as hard as it has, steadily, today, I go out and dig trenches with any tool that works.
Today the crowbar did the best job on opening up drainholes under the fences.  I'll bet we had two to three inches.  The ground was so hard and dry that a lot of the water sat on top.

Lillen was so wet I decided to take her to the house for the night.  She was as happy as a puppy.
She loves to come to the house, but doesn't always love staying here.  Tonight she's quiet with three blankets on her bed to move around and nest in.  Has to be better than soggy straw and drizzle.
Her great coat couldn't dry in that wetness.  At her age of 15, I want to be sure she's dry and comfy.

She'll be up by four though, talking loudly to get me to take her back.  There's something really special about being able to understand and fulfill the wishes of this tough, tough girl who is Lillen.

She has an endearing trait... when , and only then, I give her soup (first) in the afternoons, she kisses me on the face.  Only kiss I get, but she means it, right from from her heart.

Saturday night at the vet's office

Copper ran to the door at 7PM, begged to go out and came roaring back with a face full of porcupine quills (43 at last count).   I called the after hours pager and Dr. Schroeder met us at the clinic.
Lucky Copper, after some mild sedation and quill pulling, he could go home with me.  The end of a very busy day (the followup to five year old Fina's birthday party).  So now Copper is once again relegated to a long leash line or a pen... once a trusted porch dog.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Super Moon and Wildlife Wanderings

We saw instructions on how to best photograph the 'super moon' that is shining our way this week.
So, we tried some of the suggested settings, but not using a 300 zoom.

We also set our field camera out by the front gate, the location of some interesting wildlife... always agood photo or two in that spot, as they come and go from the property.   Last night we caught a coyote at 9:30 PM and a fox at 1AM.   Today we spotted a bear cub literally frolicing around in the woods.
Spring has sprung and the full moon brings it all on.