Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Snow showers move us back to our SPK winter blog.

We've had spotty accumulation of snow and beautiful snow showers the past few days.  The dogs have
beautiful winter coats coming in and lots of energy for running.  We are back to giving their afternoon soup for hydration (which they love).

As we head into what is probably our last winter of sled dog running, we have fifteen great dogs.
If you want to schedule a run, be sure to let us know early.

There is a 4 dog race that we are keeping an eye on, possibly to enter a team.  We have to get miles on dogs and humans first.

This year's runners are:  Navy, Eos (limited), Ruthie, Buffy, Rosie, Herman, Yuki, Swix, Zoom, Kiddo (limited) and Yeti . Copper, Ruby and Yo will be cheerleaders, along with Boss, the cat.  We hope to have another kennel race, similar to last year's... same rules, same trails.