Monday, July 25, 2011

The Era: Skinny and Sierra

Skinny, gee haw command leader, Yukon Quest, and veteran of numerous middistance and sprint races, crossed the Rainbow Bridge this afternoon. Blinded by glaucoma, he put up a good fight to keep himself independent and ever happy. But this wonderful, honorable leader was becoming increasingly agitated by his circumstances and it was most humane to let him go with dignity and peacefully, wrapped in his gray blanket.

Sierra came to us 15 years ago having been found in a dumpster. She has been here since our first sled dog, Scuba, and has made it her mission to keep the kennel organized, on schedule and no nonsense. She was a mighty little leader along with her now deceased partner, Tanni. Recently she had had a lot of pain and discomfort, finding it very hard to even lie down, even with medication. She too deserved to go with honor, love and safety.

To send these two amazing dogs together today was incredibly difficult, painful and sad, but it also evoked so so many memories of all of their astute, very loyal and instinctive behaviors. We are all sad, dogs and humans, but are grateful for the opportunity to know and care for these dear friends.

Godspeed, Sierra and Skinny, dear friends.