Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sweet Rosie

Sweet Rosie ran and led a great trail run with her buddies on Tuesday night.  We posted the photo of her happy run.  On Thursday we had to take her in to the animal hospital.  She's been there until this morning on IV support.  I just went in to see her and we decided she just couldn't make it anymore, so Rosie has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.   Her intestines were her problem .

We loved that little free spirited fox like girl.  She was the fastest dog in the kennel.  She liked nothing better than to race her sister, Buffy, and win (which she usually did).

She's a big part of the heart of our kennel, too, so we're busy at patching our heart this afternoon.

Godspeed, Rosie!! Thank you for all you are.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Getting our miles

Because we can't run from November 15 to December 1st, we are getting miles every way we can.
We've been taking different groups on late afternoon trail runs, hoping to not meet the skunks and porcupines that are still hanging around.
On a trail ride earlier today (no dogs), I did see a coyote barreling through, but couldn't catch him in a photo.
We've never had a negative encounter with a coyote and dogs although we have had them cross our path several times.
We may still trail walk into the weekend, although Michigan hunters are only one mile away.  We don't want any dogs to panic at a rifle shot and run out the gate, so we're going to be locked up . 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013