Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two by Two

Ruthie and Zeus
Ruthie and Josie

Today we ran 'two's'. Ruthie and Josie were the biggest treat. Josie usually wants nothing to do with a harness. Today she was ready and I hooked her up in lead with Ruthie; they had a perfect run.

Zeus didn't like the railroad grade today, turned around on me several times, almost spooked acting. I didn't hear any gun shots, but maybe there were hunters out and about. He was running in lead with Ruthie and she set him straight a few times until he settled down. We haven't seen him like that before.

A busy day as we went for dog food after every dog got free runs this morning (after team runs).

Watching Copper for thyroid problems. He's always a bit crazy but he's gained too much weight and is ravenous all the time. Not so thirsty. Also he overheats. We'll have to get him tested if it continues.

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