Saturday, December 5, 2009

Maintenance Day

What we call an 'ordinary' day is usually filled to the brim with tasks.

When all of this is 'fun' then you know you're in the right work. It was fun, for me and the dogs, yesterday.

The day started at 4AM and ended (?) at 8PM...

Make soup for dogs
Feed house dogs
Feed pen dogs
Take a run with Skinny, Sierra and Buddy
Exercise Eos and take to her pen
Feed the deer
Clean the pens
Give free runs to every dog (27)
Medications to each dog
Haul water in buckets to all dogs.
Haul the waste
Load the truck for the dump (Skinny rides along)
Go to the dump (fifty mile round trip)
Pick up 320 lb of dog food, bales of straw, corn, apples (same trip)
Home Depot ( same trip)
Wal Mart (same trip)
Ice cream for Skinny (and me)
Home again, give late day treat to the dogs
Unload 320 lb of dog food, straw, corn, apples
Take house dogs for their run (dark now) This is really fun, peaceful, quiet trails, dogs love it, me too.
Feed the deer
Medications to dogs
Do some house chores
Lend out truck
Truck returned
More house chores

All of this 'ordinary' day goes on almost every day, but has add ons such as running the 5 teams. On a run day, the runs take priority .

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