Saturday, February 13, 2010

New for Eos

DOGS: Skinny (sled), Sierra, Buddy and Eos

Eos (red coat) is a gee haw command leader and is a very cooperative and talented dog. Since she resides in the house nights (short coat, surgery recovery) we usually leave her inside until we return from our morning 'house dog' run. Yesterday I decided she had earned the right to go with us, untethered.

Not only did she prove to be 100% reliable, she had a great time. She did work her way up to leading and ran home ahead of us. We run just half a mile since Skinny (retired gee haw command leader) has some spinal problems . He is hooked up to the sled as he is still powerful and willful... if he were free he would be off hunting in the hinterlands, blind eye or not (not safe for him). Having a brake is much better than having him on a leash.

It's been very warm weather (even in Alaska)for winter, but we have been getting great runs in and the trails are picture perfect.

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  1. Julie,
    Glad to see you & Jim are still at it! The dogs are all looking nice :)