Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Update

Having put out 53 bales of straw this winter (down from last winter?), it's time now to clean it up. We are considering leaving a layer over the sandy pen floors this year, rather than scraping it all out. A very dry spring with breezy days is making it dustier than usual. Dogs are digging craters early this year... very good digging. We're considering hauling in more sand, but not yet... maybe if the pens harden up. Digging dens comes naturally to these huskies. They're also
back into the food hoarding mode of spring... dig and bury, dig and eat. I'm come to accept this behavior which seems to modify if I just feed dry kibble. We've started mixing in lower fat kibble, as well.

The houses still have straw bases, since we can still have cold and snowy nights.
Ticks are out and it's time to treat them preventively.

The feral farm cat visits regularly, teasing them wantonly. It makes for some fence ripping. The rabbits are running wild. We have a photo of a fat coyote on the field camera. Not much in the way of bear signs, a dropping or two, possibly. Turkeys are waddling around. And a lone male pheasant ! has been dropping by on a back trail.

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