Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today's Runs

Photos: Veteran Quest dogs, both age 14, Martin and Skinny ( pups together
at Aliy Zirkle's kennel), take a walk with Jim.
Ruthie, Buffy wait for Copper to be hooked up. (Copper has a thyroid problem).
Frita's and Martin's pups, run with Frita... Yuki, Yepa, Swix, all really good runners.
Buffy, Ruthie, Herman , Kiddo, a nice four dog combo.
Eos, Ruthie, Zeus, Sherpa, another nice four dog combo.

To Michigan and back , Ruthie, Buffy, Kiddo, Herman.
Internal trails: Buffy, Ruthie, Copper, Sherpa, Zeus, Eos, Swix, Frita, Yuki and Yepa and Tsunami!
Perfect day, all dogs happy.

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