Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dear Dogs

Photos: Quattro, incredibly strong and beautiful wheel dog/best friend.
February 2, 2002- January 12, 2010

Dear Dogs,

We are so sorry that some of you have become ill, some seriously. We especially don't like to report about dogs who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but yesterday it was Quattro, age nine, beautiful Quattro, off to meet her mother, Liller, on the other side. Her heart impairment was significant... she couldn't move and stay standing without falling over. She was a great wheel dog, a great racer, (Jackpine 30 and sprints), a great friend (and a great fence jumper). We miss her a lot already. Her father is Skinny, who is fully blind but holding on with spirit. To all of our dogs, we love you! Stay well now!!

Late yesterday we noticed that Josie was ill. (another Liller/Skinny pup). We took her to the doctor, brought her home, and returned her there this a.m. at 6:30. She was in a lot of pain. She had exploratory surgery and was found to have some issues with several internal organs, no diagnosis as yet. She is spending the night in the hospital and we'll know more tomorrow.
In the meantime we are looking for causes, especially for Josie's illness. All of our practices are under scrutiny, as always. We try to give the best food, best bedding, best fluids, best love and exercise, but something is going amiss. We'll keep watching.

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