Sunday, January 15, 2012

Trails Open

The latest we've ever had to wait for safe trails, we've been using them this week. Two college students , Katie and Jimmy took to the trails for the first runs of the winter on sleds. The dogs were excited and fast, all yelling to go.
We're down a few dogs this year , natural attrition, but we do miss Skinny, Quattro, Josie, Glory, Balto, Power, King, Sierra, all wonderful dogs who had their great days with us.
Our leaders this winter are Buffy, Ruthie and Eos, since Zeus is having some back problems.
He's not happy watching them all take off without him. Matilda is on some meds right now
for nasal issues, but we hope she'll be back in lead soon.
And new to running sleds with us, is Tanner Johnson and now his friend, Anthony Kligis.
They tore out on the trails yesterday, dogs happy again. Overnight we got some drizzle of sorts, so we'll rest the dogs today. No need to slip and slide and hurt someone today.

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