Sunday, May 6, 2012

Raining pitchforks, crowbars

When it rains as hard as it has, steadily, today, I go out and dig trenches with any tool that works.
Today the crowbar did the best job on opening up drainholes under the fences.  I'll bet we had two to three inches.  The ground was so hard and dry that a lot of the water sat on top.

Lillen was so wet I decided to take her to the house for the night.  She was as happy as a puppy.
She loves to come to the house, but doesn't always love staying here.  Tonight she's quiet with three blankets on her bed to move around and nest in.  Has to be better than soggy straw and drizzle.
Her great coat couldn't dry in that wetness.  At her age of 15, I want to be sure she's dry and comfy.

She'll be up by four though, talking loudly to get me to take her back.  There's something really special about being able to understand and fulfill the wishes of this tough, tough girl who is Lillen.

She has an endearing trait... when , and only then, I give her soup (first) in the afternoons, she kisses me on the face.  Only kiss I get, but she means it, right from from her heart.

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