Friday, September 28, 2012

Local Wildlife and Colors

While we can't tell you when and where this was, it was a treat to see them.  They were practice sparring and have long since taken to the hills.  The wildlife is usually spectacular in the early spring and the early fall out here.   Tonight we saw a young fox looking inquisitively up the driveway as the dogs howled at the sight of him/her.  Copper barreled down the drive to warn it off and it did run off. He came trotting right back, mission accomplished. The dens are being dug around the trails out there.  We have not had many bear sightings this year.   We saw two and one tore up our garbage pen earlier in the spring.  The birds migrating now are very beautiful, among them the yellow grosbeaks and, of course, the blue jays.  With the full moon the wildlife is just a bit more active since it is very bright outside .

The autumn colors are brilliant and we will add some photos later.   It is the peak of the color viewing season.

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