Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Making Spirits Bright and Dressing Right with Dogs

It seems like EVERYone wants to go dog sledding.   Is it the Christmas spirit or what that is bringing a request a day and more to our door?  We are happy for the interest in our favorite sport, so keep the requests coming.

Your spirit WILL be brightened when you take a fast and fun ride with our dogs.   You'll be most happy if you're dressed right, too.  Temps can range from ten below to thirty above zero when we're running, so it's important to layer.   Wear a wicking layer next to your skin (anything but cotton, no cotton), wear a layer of wool or fleece over your base, and wear an insulated jacket.  My preference is a pullover parka but any type of winter jacket works for short runs.  On your legs, wear a base layer of wicking underwear covered by insulated or shell water resistant pants.  On your feet , just one pair of wool socks will be plenty.  Hands are sometimes the hardest part to keep warm... we prefer layering with thin fleece gloves (for ease of hooking up dogs) and an over layer of warmer gloves or mittens.  On our head, we like balaclavas as a base layer and a warm hat covering it.   On very cold days we wear a beaver hat as the top layer.  Neck warmers are especially nice as you can turn them around if they get frosted.  If you have a parka with a fur or faux fur rim, that works nicely for wind blockage on colder days.   Down jackets are warm but can be almost too warm, so layer according to the temperature and wind chill.  On your feet, over your warm socks, wear a pair of reliable boots .  You'll want to be able to jump off the sled to run part way up the hills and you'll want your boot toes to not be so thick that they stick in the sled brake.  We like traditional Sorels or also Steger mukluks. 
We keep a supply of hand and foot warmers available as well.   Looking forward to our upcoming guests this winter.

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