Friday, February 14, 2014

Eos, tough gee haw command leader, gentle force

Eos will be 15 in May, 2014.   She's been ill for the past two weeks, with nausea and refusing to eat.
We took her in today to  determine what we can for her to keep her comfortable.  She has a mass in her throat which is too far down to see without using anesthesia.   We decided to just do what we can to keep her comfortable.  The doctor gave her an injection of antibiotics to last for 14 days, a Vitamin B injection to enhance her appetite and an injection for nausea.  She was not too happy about the injections, but she was glad to get back in the truck and to return to her small 'apartment' in the living room.

Eos has run Iditarod several times and it's fascinating to know her.  We wish she could talk.  In 2007 she was on the team that Susan Butcher's daughter, Honorary Musher that year, drove to Nome.   We have a great photo of her coming to the finish line in Nome.  She's a small dog with great feet.  Her brother was Zeus and her nephew is Navy.   She is also a cousin to Copper. She is out of  Huslia (Butcher) and Mike (Ellis.)

Mostly she is a very tough and completely focused gee haw command leader and a gentle force in our kennel.  She pulled my then five year old granddaughter last year and they appeared together on

All in all, tonight our nicest Valentine gift is to have Eos home and resting peacefully.

Eos and Copper; Eos and Zeus; Eos and Navy;  Eos and Josefina;  Eos in lead on Linda's team, with Navy and Buffy.

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