Sunday, September 20, 2009

Life is Good: A Day in the Life of Zeus

This morning was Zeus' turn to be special. He was fed salmon soup so he could go for a nice run.

We hooked up (very easy with this well experienced leader) and took off. He ran the entire gamut of the dog pens without hesitation. He did stop at the picket line, very obediently, as if waiting for more team pals, but this was to be a solo run.

On the trail I let him choose the route, since he's learning new trails. Only once did I give the 'haw' and he pondered it before taking it since it wasn't the route he knows. We have a lot of bear droppings as 'trail challenges" and you can see that he knows about wildlife, especially potential hazards. What a great dog, happy the whole way. I kept thinking as we ran in the fog and past the red maples, that life is good, with dogs!
He runs right back to his pen and into the gate to be unharnessed. Then he kisses me. How sweet it is!
Zeus's /Eos's father is Mike: This is what his owner Egil Ellis says about Mike :
My favorite dog so far is my main leader MIKE. He is fast as Michael Johnson, strong as Mike Tyson and can jump like Michael Jordan! Ever since Mike was a little puppy he has been special. We could see it at an early age that this was going to be a super leader, he was not afraid of anything, he was always running in front of the other puppies and at the same time extremely focused on us.Mike is a big dog, 55 pounds. His body is hard as a rock. Mikes characteristics in the team is that he starts out slowly and sometimes carefully. It takes him a couple of miles to get warmed up. But the farther you go and the closer you get to the finish, the harder he drives. Sometimes the rest of the team dogs are hanging by the neckline when he sprints to the finish line.
Mike is 50 % pointer.

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