Monday, September 21, 2009

The Listing, Who's Who at Summer Place

The oldest honors go to: ** indicates house dog or house dog in training

Thirteen years and more:

Skinny, top notch command leader, Yukon Quest **
BoldMartin, super team dog/wheel, Yukon Quest, champ team 2000; Iditarod **
Lillen, leader, top notch, Iditarod **
Sierra, border guardian, Elkhound rescue, two dog team leader **

Twelve years:
(Scuba pups, Scuba ran Iditarod with Susan Butcher in the 90's)
King , wheel and sweet team, Sprint (Crandon)
Power, crazy leader
Glory, deep snow leader and team, Sprint (Nicolet)

Eleven years:

Balto, UP 200 , wheel/team
Buddy, UP 200, wheel/team **

Ten and nine years:

Frita, perfect gee haw leader with injury, multiple short races
Zeus, push button gee haw leader, hard driving, super attitude,Iditarod , multiple races AK
Eos, great gee haw leader, team, sweet sweet, hard working, Iditarod, multiple races AK **

Seven years:
Ruthie, gee haw driven leader, fastest, multiple sprints, Jackpine 30
Ruby, ditto Ruthie
Kiddo, super smart wheel dog, multiple sprints, Jackpine 30
Quattro, she can tangle but she can pull, wheel, multiple sprints, Jackpine 30
Buffy, leader, fast, sprints,multiple sprints, Jackpine 30

Six years:

Josie, doesn't want to be a sled dog right now, but will lead if not harnessed
Herman, perfect , mannerly hardest pulling wheel dog
Rosie, runs lead, crazy fast
Medio, runs anywhere, fast, mannerly, sweet, afraid of onlookers but multiple sprints, Jackpine 30
Matilda, lead, beautiful gaits, fast, great conformation

Tsunami, team and wheel, hard working
Yeti, ditto
Yo, loner dog, wants to be a retriever so we let him
Yuki, solid and serious, works hard anywhere, sinks in deep snow and swims forward
Yepa, hard working, just like Daddy Martin
Swix, a bit too tall for his body but loves to pull, wheel, team
Zoom, will run anywhere, with anyone, just let her go!


Copper. Iditarod, lead, team, wheel, super happy to go


Sherpa, no races yet but lots of trail miles, no nonsense, let's go when harnessed

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