Sunday, April 17, 2011

Still Winter

Yesterday started with ice rain building up into an inch of ice slush. The pens were a mess, tarps covered and frozen. After a day of cleaning up, the storm came back and this morning we have not only ice rain but new heavy wet icy snow, bending again all of the protective tarps. The dogs are quiet this morning. We've gone from loud wild thunderstorms and a few warm days back to winter. Maybe they think we skipped summer this year. The roads will be treacherous again this morning as I wind my way two miles down the road to my son's to care for his animals while they are out of town. If I can speak for the dogs, they say 'enough already'. Daylight is about half an hour away and the wind is wild right now. A year ago at this time we were enjoying wildflowers. Three of the older dogs are showing strain on their back legs, Balto, particularly.

Photos before the ice and snow:

Impression from Sierra lying on the frosty grass.

Apache, son's dog, taking a trail stroll with me and his ball.

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