Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Walk back in kennel time

In 1996 Jenny Van Marter came to SPK to train and race our dogs. She trained hard, used a heavy sled and went through all kinds of challenges to win her first race. It was minus forty at start time in Land O Lakes, so we had to wait until minus 20 for takeoff. She won the four dog class. Yesterday she sent us photos from that year which are so heartwarming. We had so many challenges as we learned together about sled dog racing. Jenny was a great sport and talented.

Photos of the original kennel dogs are precious. In the team photo it is Scuba and daughter,Stardust in lead; Scuba's sons, Geronimo and T. Rusty Bear in wheel. What a great lineage. Only Glory remains from that family in our kennel.

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