Saturday, June 7, 2014

Copper, a special special dog

Each of our dogs is very special to us.   In all of the dogs we've had, Copper found a very special place in our hearts.   He was quiet and kind, yet he ran the place.  He knew our schedule as well as we did.  In the morning, after he was fed, he would sit on the front porch awaiting time to feed everyone.  He went from pen to pen with me, in the right order, every day.   Then when it was time to clean, he again went from pen to pen.  He herded and guarded everyone.
He knew after I showered that I often ran errands.  When I would be almost ready to leave, he'd sit by the front door awaiting his treat.  Then he'd sleep until I came home.  My favorite story of Copper was the day he came from nowhere, when I called him, to intercept aged Lillen as she ran toward the highway.   She just didn't know she couldn't do it, many cars were zipping back and forth.  Copper ran out and headed her off, leading her back to the kennel.  I think she thought she was in a race, and that she had won.  The ever so polite Copper let her go in the gate, first.
He was my Superman and my best friend.  I really don't know what to do without him awaiting me in the house or on the porch.  He enhanced our lives in so many ways.   We say, Godspeed dearest Copper.
You are a very special special dog.

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