Sunday, February 1, 2015

Faster and faster

Life at Summer Place Kennel goes faster and faster.   Tomorrow we celebrate the 13th birthday of the Liller and Skinny pups, Ruthie, Buffalo Gal and Kiddo.  These dogs have been a mainstay in our kennel since they were yearlings.    When they were pups, we would turn them loose and let them race each other , first , in the valley, and then on the hilly trails.   Aliy Zirkle visited us late in the summer of their first year and chose Buffy to go home with her.   We had made that deal in Susan Butchers parking lot, when Aliy allowed me to take skinny home to retire and Susan took me for a predawn ride with Liller in lead. After the run I asked Aliy if I should breed them and , if so,would she want a pup.  She said yes to both.

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