Wednesday, October 27, 2010

High winds, driving rain, snow?

Straw Bale Count: 16

Whew, couldn't even think about running dogs as we were running to keep up with falling branches, digging drainage in the pens, moving dogs away from trees that might come down, etc.

Our hookup tree, to which we have easily hooked eight/ten dog teams, just fell over as I walked
past it yesterday. Also known as the 'pail tree', the pails went flying along with other pieces of gear stowed in it for each reach. Fortunately, we had anticipated this demise and had installed
a new hookup pole last summer, but it doesn't have handy branches for hanging things.

The winds are gusting in the 50 mph range and the dogs are a bit frantic. Maybe some photos
later, although we are supposed to get some measurable snow today, to add to the fun.
Fortunately we have a new small load of straw, but will need more.

Today will be spent reclaiming gear strewn about, taking down all shade tarps, if they're not already flying around out there, and, mostly, reassuring the dogs.

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