Saturday, October 16, 2010

Veterinary Visit

Always a pleasure to have Dr. Pauline Schroeder visit us and the dogs responded happily when she drove up. It was a day for only three rabies vaccines, nine lepto boosters and well checks for thirteen seniors. With thirty dogs, and a significant percentage of seniors , you expect a few
concerns. She checked for joint problems, teeth problems, heart and lungs, general overall
welfare. We had divided our list for a second farm call to come, as senior checks take a bit longer. Skinny was pronounced hale and hearty for 14 and one blind eye. Martin is also 14 and
has some weight issues (low), but he's a happy dog. Our highest concern is for Power, age twelve, who has multiple issues and may have difficulty facing a long winter. Dr. Schroeder will return in about one month to reassess him. A few dogs have teeth problems and Buddy will go, yet again, for surgery on his mouth. We will take Zeus into the office for a quick check, but no
apparent problems on him. Eos is ready to run, after her surgeries, she said. Quattro continues to recover. A few lipomas were found on the aging dogs, which we will continue to monitor.
Frita's hip is stable and she, too, is happy! dog.

Photo: Dr. Pauline Schroeder visiting as a handler last winter, with driver,
Ashley Chounard, and Kiddo and Buffy.

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