Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Pen

With winter coming, we keep improving the pens and houses for dogs, but it is a huge project.

Once Quattro had surgery and returned to her pen, the dynamics of several pens had shifted.

Copper has been moving back and forth trying to find a spot to be accepted, but his female
friends keep bothering him. We built this new pen to take one of the females, offering it first to Lillen, age 14, but she is content with her smaller, more well used lodging, and seems to prefer to not make the change. Today we'll try a few more dogs. They mostly like to live in
groups, but some are too fussy to succeed in a group, thus some solo pens. All dogs free run so it's not solitary confinement!, but some prefer eating/sleeping alone.

Thanks to Rob for the huge effort, moving and rewiring the pen, reconstructing it, hauling the new dog house and the pallet, a full day's effort on his part (including traveling to get the supplies).
As always it takes great helpers to keep the dogs safe and healthy!

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