Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Essentials: Straw and Sand

All in the name of winter readiness, we are beginning our annual straw bale count and filling the summer dens the dogs have dug. Today our helper, Jimmy, was greeted happily by each dog as he gave them freshly fluffed straw in each of their houses.

Zeus visited the doctor yesterday and received a clean bill of health, ready to run go ahead.
He couldn't be more ready, mentally after having been sidelined by his rock eating episode/surgery.

The dump truck will dish out sand tomorrow and Jimmy, Tanner and Anthony will diligently
haul it to fill the holes. They have some pretty incredible digs this year, their hideouts from the hot dry summer. Ruthie, the engineer of the bunch, continues to dig her den, just as the bears and wolves in the woods, preferring it to a house right now.


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