Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trekking into fall

The leaves are falling now, recent high winds and rains helped them to take an early departure.

We are working on fall chores, waiting for sand and workers to fill holes in pens, fixing dog houses, fixing humans :), etc.

This past week has been in the 70's, 80 for five days straight, too warm for these eager huskies to run.

The sow with cubs has not been seen for awhile and we expect she's dug her den, although she would have been out in this heat.

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  1. Julie:

    This is Mallory from the website Senior Correspondent. We saw your submission and think it's fantastic: so fantastic that, realizing your e-mail got misplaced, I took some time to track you down and think I finally found you.

    My e-mail is mallory@signalhillspot.com. We'd love to run your story if you could supply a headshot similar to the ones found on our site.

    Thanks, Julie!