Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sand at Summer Place, Filling the Digs

All summer we let the dogs dig dens . They use them to avoid the heat, the flies and to play hide and seek with each other. Ruthie's was probably the winning den for this summer, no surprise.

Yesterday we had 15 yards of great sand delivered and placed for hauling today. At 8AM three strong young men arrived to spend the day hauling it by shovel and wheel barrow into the numerous pens. It also involved replacing houses. Great day, great team work.

Bottom to top, photos:

The day for shoveling started early.

One "Before" pile of sand with Jimmy, Tanner and Anthony.

Ruthie's den. (She isn't happy about it being filled today).

Midday on the "Before" pile. At end of day it was flat.

Jim ( 81), Jimmy (his grandson), Tanner and Anthony decide which houses need to be replaced.

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