Friday, April 6, 2012

A Delight and a Challenge

To walk three gee haw command leaders, all Susan Butcher's dogs, is both a delight and a challenge. Lillen, 15, Zeus, 13 and Copper, 9 are all Iditarod veterans. Their ages are irrelevant to them when they know they're headed down a trail on gangline or a leash. Since I'm not a sled or an ATV and I have no brake, it's really fun to keep up with them. Copper takes the lead, off leash, and they think they're racing him . Highly recommended for fitness training , (mine :).
The photos don't capture the personalities involved. Zeus, ears up, is a driven super leader; Copper is slightly less driven but loves to outdo Zeus. Lillen is the commander of the whole kennel and she calls the shots with the boys. They easily sidestep her when she gives them a mean look, which she has down to a tee.

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