Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spring frost

Technically it is Spring, but we did have a hard frost last night. We continue to do spring cleanup, sometimes a daunting task. The dogs are running every day and loving the new smells and the visiting wildlife. They seem to especially enjoy the turkeys who fly into trees at the sight of the dogs.

We'll switch to our summer blog some time in late April or early May, but it's frosty enough to convince us to stay in Winter at SPK for now.

Spring tasks:

Rake/haul all straw from pens .
Rake straw from houses.
Fill holes.
Pickup all of winter's winds branches, etc.
Remove doors from houses.
Treat all dogs for parasites (deworm and topical treatment for ticks, etc)
Repair houses.
Hang and repair shade tarps.
Haul water with buckets until hoses thaw.
Trail run and trail walk all dogs.
And, of course, clean all pens every day, wash and fill water dishes. Haul, haul, haul.

Sightings of foxes, turkeys, and of course, deer, but no bear evidence as of yet. Field cameras are out. The Easter Bunny will borrow our trail this weekend, so we're trekking with dogs to discourage the wildlife from hanging around .

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