Monday, April 16, 2012

Yepa, Snow Princess

This is the Frita/Martin litter from September 3, 2003. Yepa (Snow Princess)
was one of the "twin" white look alikes to their father, Martin. Today she
crossed The Rainbow Bridge to be with her father, Martin and her brother, Yuri.

Terrified of thunder, Yepa had dragged herself under a fence in the process of which
she had slashed her tongue. This occurred last year and she has dealt with it well until
this weekend. Her throat swelled, making it difficult for her to breathe. She spent a day
in unwanted captivity in the veterinary hospital and struggled with great anxiety. While being dosed with numerous meds to calm her and to help to shrink the swelling, she could not kick the problem she was having. We decided it was best to opt for ending her great suffering, a very difficult decision.

Those beautiful brown eyes followed us everywhere, she always kept her eyes on us when we were working with the dogs. She only ran once this winter, but she was a fantastic wheel dog, powerful, strong and beautiful.

She ran with her father in wheel several times, a mighty duo. The photo of Martin and Yepa appears on our Facebook Summer Place Kennel page.

She leaves behind her mother, Frita, sisters, Zoom and Yuki, and brothers, Yo, Swix, Yeti and Tsunami, all who are noting her absence with subdued sadness, and me, her human, with not so subdued sadness. Our thank you to Dr. Kim for her comforting care and assistance to Yepa.

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