Saturday, November 3, 2012

Navy is a great dog!   It's sometimes touchy when we introduce a new one to the kennel, but he was such a treat, wagging his tail, happy to see each dog he met.  Copper and Buddy, both males, met him outside this morning and just took him in stride, all three of them going on a trail walk together as if they had done it every day.   Maybe a bit of a sidelong glance  but not much more.

To give him a look at the trails we hooked up two leaders, Buffy and Ruthie, with him and took a short run.
We like to show new dogs that we do know how to do the things they're used to doing, e.g. running in teams, etc.  He had a ball on the trail, seemed to like the new exploring around each curve.

Right now he's sharing a pen with his Auntie Eos and she is teaching him the rules.   He may stay there or may not, we'll see how it goes for him.   On Thursday we'll hook up a bigger team and take a stroll further out on the trails (slow and easy for those who haven't run yet).

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