Thursday, November 29, 2012

Summer Place Dogs

Our dogs are very special to us.  Our current kennel listing is as follows:

Matilda, age 9, runs lead and team

Rosie, age 9, fastest dog in the kennel, runs lead and team

Lillen, matriarch, retired, age 16, fantastic gee haw leader.

Yuki, team, sweetest and shy, age 9, a deep snow, pull you out of anything dog.

Swix, a classic looking sled dog, age 9, runs strong wheel.

Herman, tough and strong, and sweet, wheel or team, age 9.

Buffy, gee haw command leader, age 9, fast.

Tsunami, age 9, a sleeper, very strong, happy wheel dog.

Yeti, age 9, very strong wheel dog, a bit shy.

Kiddo, says she's retiring, but she gets pretty excited when we hook her up, so team or wheel, age 9.

Zoom, an unlikely looking sled dog, but runs fast and happy, team, age 9.

Sherpa, age seven, has really become a great team dog, steady, honest, strong.  Can run lead.

Ruthie, gee haw command leader, fast, head down , let's DO it, leader, age 11.

Buddy, age 14 1/2, retiree from Alaskan racing and UP 200.

Ruby, fast and footloose, happy happy dog, age 11.

Yo, doesn't want to be a sled dog, but a sweet and happy BIG boy! age 9.

Navy, wow, what a grand gee haw leader, new to our kennel from Alaska and loving him, STRONG.  Age 10.5

Eos, superb gee haw command leader, committed, has been to Nome, age 13.

Copper, veteran Iditarod 06, strong, burly, can run any position, age 9, a bit headstrong, happy house dog, thyroid issues so he only runs if he wants to.

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