Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Summer Place Kennel Dogs invite you to January race onsite.

We have an interesting lineup this year . Of course, we are an aging kennel, but these 'retirees' are going strong and will be eager participants in our January month long kennel races.

We are printing out the rules for the race.  The basics are:   Racers choose four or six dogs;
we select the pool of available dogs and each team must have one leader, one lesser experienced dog and two team dogs, placed in whatever positions the musher chooses.  Four dog teams race four dogs, six race six.  We will not adjust for weight, but the race marshall (Julie) determines who can run and which size team each musher will drive.
The course is spelled out and will be 'signed', but for insiders who know our trails, takeoff (timer starts) is at the picket line, heading out into the bar trail, up into the loop and  back down around ,going haw at the lilacs and heading for home. (timer stops)

Each team is allowed two attempts, if desired, different days, different dogs are fine.

Mandatory gear includes helmet, hook, sled bag and safe snow. Safety first, for people, for dogs.

Each musher should bring an extra working handler with them .  Each musher will unharness and
soup his/her great dogs.

Entry fee is $20 cash or two hours kennel work (harnessing, unharnessing, scooping, souping,
cleaning up gear, etc.)  We will have an awards ceremony in late January with prizes.

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