Thursday, January 28, 2010

Brrr, but not too bad


It was a minus sixteen wind chill today so while it was cold, it was a 'do-able' day.
Skinny had his run with Sierra (and me)and each dog received extra extra straw, for
the windchills coming tonight. Every dog had a free run. I groomed the trails.

There is, of course, a beautiful full moon, to freeze by. Five dogs are in the house tonight, even Lillen, who flatly refuses most times, ran into the house willingly.

Well, there are nights of minus thirty or forty each winter, so it's not REALLY cold, but the ski jumps are this weekend and the wind does make a difference on whether or not that goes on. And kennel friend, Julia, is skiing the 25 K Noquemanon xc race in Marquette, MI. Betsy and Annica plan to come for the jumps. Tim's family is sidelined this year because of surgery.

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