Friday, January 8, 2010

Hauling, a big part of kennel life


Once again we were hauling supplies yesterday. We picked up Eagle Power Pack dog food (forty pound bags), bales of straw and 50's of corn at Ray's Feed (30 miles?), then supplies at the grocery store. Once home it requires that we load each of those items on the sled and haul each to storage places (in winter we don't park near the house in order to save our trails). After that we hauled pails of soup to each of the dogs.

Then again, we hauled straw to houses for more protection from the windchills cranking down last night.

We also haul dog waste each day to our pit. And always we haul some feed to the deer and birds. And we haul gasoline for the machines.

Hauling is a big part of life out here. The neat part of it is that is mostly outside and always the dogs join in with cheers as we go about the routines.
Groups of them come out to go along on the various hauls. Right now our hauling trails are packed tight from grooming and hauling, making it much easier.

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