Thursday, January 7, 2010

Copper Basin 300 this weekend

Aliy Zirkle's kennel, Skunk's Place, will have three teams in the Copper Basin 300 this weekend. Allen will run the main team and is a three time champion of this very challenging race. See above for Aliy/Allen blog for updates on the race.
Aliy will run a team of young ones to give them race training/readiness for future Iditarod. Bridgett will run with our favorite Bullet in lead and a great team of veterans. Even with 3 wins, this race will be challenging for Allen, especially because this year they are running it backward. He comments that his sprint training/racing is a factor in his success in this complex and fast race. for uptodate coverage on this weekend's race. We'll be following it online all weekend.


  1. Hi Julie! -- Thanks for the nice mention... Just wanted to fix your link to our Dog Log... It's

    Will I see you in Nome? Before?

    I just gave Bullet a nice pat for you... You know that a hug would be out of the question with her!

  2. Thanks, Macgellan! Nome is a possibility!
    Thanks for the pat for Bullet, shy sweetie that she is. BTW I have photos of Stella running in teams, she did it, she can! She did sing along the way, of course. She ran 8 mile runs.