Saturday, January 9, 2010

Busy Day Here and Watching Aliy, Allen and Bridgett

Whew, we started at about 8 AM and just finished now. Ashley, Dr. Pauline, our veterinarian and I put together different combos of teams so Ashley could try some dogs she hadn't tried . She also tried some new trail and taking some different turns. The dogs respond to her so well. All dogs got great attention.

In the end we also got all the pens cleaned, thanks Pauline, the gate repaired, thanks Pauline and gates chopped... wow, what a great day. It takes a village to run a dog team.
Ashley ran all four teams (8, 6, 6 and 5) and most of the handling. All coming together here.

Dogs run: Buffy, Eos, Zeus, Frita, Yepa, Yuki, Swix, Herman, Medio, Rosie, Kiddo,
Zoom, Sherpa, Copper, Quattro, Matilda, Yeti and Ruthie. Per Ashley, today's A Team is: Buffy, Eos, Medio, Matilda, Kiddo and Tsunami (not run today, resting). Yes, Zeus is not on it, he's been stressing Medio... we're working on it.

And, just checking in the Copper Basin 300: Allen was in 2nd into and out of Tolsona, Aliy not too far behind and Bridgett right up there, too. (I'm not looking at or would have it a bit more precise. ) Allen was traveling at 12.4mph, I do know that.

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