Friday, March 12, 2010

Go, Bullet!!

Aliy is currently in Ruby.
This is a clip from Aliy's blog re: her dogs running Iditarod with her:

One current "standout" is Bullet, who Aliy has been using in lead to "pull through" checkpoints when dogs typically want to take a break. You know how we feel about Bullet the wonder dog, and this is an example of how she will do absolutely anything Aliy asks of her… Including run past what must look like very comfy piles of straw in checkpoints!

Bullet is Frita's daughter... Frita retired here. She is a look alike to daughter, Bullet, and has the same shy personality, but ask her to lead, and she says, 'let's go!' Good luck to all of Aliy's and Allen's dogs.

Top photo: Julie and Frita; bottom photo, Bullet, current leader
for Aliy Zirkle, Frita's daughter.

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