Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Morning Sled: Hot Sun : Afternoon Quad

Yesterday morning we took a run with Skinny on the sled, ice, mud, more ice, hard to control. In the 61 degree blatant sun, by afternoon, those same trails were mud, period. So, we initiated the ATV and we took a run through the mud with the ATV and Skinny, Sierra and Buddy. We had to voice our way around the usual trails that had some isolated deep snow pockets and the dogs loved the change. Cold temps should return this weekend so the mud trails will harden up, hopefully. The pens have drained very well, whew, fast Spring. This can't be it, we'll see more snow?

And, again, another 60 degree day. Eos and Skinny ran together and they are a funny pair... both are serious leaders, but maybe not together.

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