Thursday, March 11, 2010

Updates: Wisconsin; Alaska, Iditarod

The most interesting is the progress of Aliy Zirkle's team in Iditarod 2010.
Currently taking her 24 mandatory layover in Takotna , she is up at the front of the pack along with nine ahead of her. This is where she will 'pay' her bib number hours, but gains a bit of advantage with bib no. 50 and Jeff pays for his bib number 15. I am calculating her ability to leave Takotna at 2:50 AM today...(Alaskan time) there are nine able to leave Takotna ahead of her and four (Jeff King first out) have left Takotna. Now the race is even more interesting as those ahead of the race (Baker, D.Seavey) have now to take their 24 as the ten from Takotna surge forward. See Aliy's blog link at top of this page.

Here in Wisconsin the MAJOR meltdown continues. It is 34 degrees at 5AM today, foggy and melting. My son, Tim, came to chop drainage ditches in the pens yesterday... it is actually fun to see the water start flowing as the ditches begin to work :). Not sure we'll be able to navigate a sled for Skinny's run this morning... if this keeps up we'll be on the ATV again soon.

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