Sunday, March 14, 2010

Honoring Retired Racers

At this time of the year, with dog racing at its peak, we like to honor our
kennel dogs who have raced and those who have stellar racing blood lines (all of the dogs here.)

The dogs who are still with us who have raced Iditarod and/or the Yukon Quest are: Zeus, Eos, Copper, Lillen, Skinny and Martin. Each of these dogs is still active every day, either with sleds or running free.

Past kennel family members who ran Iditarod or raced other sled dog races are, in memoriam, Scuba, Liller and Sulatna.

Buddy is with us and he raced the UP200. Jackpine 30 and other sprint race dogs are:
Frita,Buffy, Herman, Medio, Ruthie, Kiddo, Quattro, King, Glory and Balto.

PHOTO: Ten dog, 28 mile run to the river with many of the above mentioned dogs,
Skinny and Liller leading.

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