Thursday, February 3, 2011

Good Runs

Photos: Aging Lillen, Walking with Skinny, Buddy and Sierra, Rob's six dogs, Zeus, Eos, Buffy, Ruthie, Kiddo, Herman on the Florence run. Buddy and Sierra in their chosen roles.

We're getting good runs and it's hectic! But we still are able to give special attention to our senior dogs, who are also having a fairly good winter. Lillen is improving after some medicines, she's back to barking and ordering us around, which we love to hear. She much prefers being outside to being housebound. so she's back to her usual spot for now. Sierra's bad knees continue to function and she leads the deer parade every day, with help from Buddy. Skinny has adapted marvelously to his blindness and has his own routines, gets around quite capably with some restraints.

Straw Bale Count: 46

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