Saturday, February 26, 2011


Well, today would have been our Florence race. Rob and the team were well ready for it.
But the snow exited and turned to ice and mud. At least the dogs had a great winter of
running, hooray!

This interim period that isn't quite winter, not quite spring is a bit boring for the dogs.
They do get their free runs in the mornings IF it is not too icy. If I see a dog slip, the morning
free runs are canceled. Some of them just run laps in their pens, Eos is one so we try to
keep that straw covered for safety.

The truck still sits at the base of the driveway as even the drive is too
icy to navigate. Walks are limited for house dogs. Even the deer find this ice challenging and
feeding them is only accomplished by sliding down the rather steep incline. Hauling dog food is also a bit difficult. Today we'll attempt to get it out of the truck by sliding the snowmo next to the truck without smashing into it.

Last night we saw a dusting of snow, first in quite awhile, not enough to ease the slippery conditions but cleaner looking at least.

Iditarod starts on Saturday and the Fur Rendezvous is on now in Anchorage. Quite a contrast, looking at the competing teams of the Rondy running down Anchorage streets with stoplights and trucks versus the wide open spaces of Alaska's Iditarod. Watching both of these races
brightens our interim days! Cheering for Aliy Zirkle and Allen Moore and their wonderful dogs!

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