Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The past few weeks have been a bit intense with a bit of everything winter can bring.
Trails have stayed good up until now, where we've now turned to ice, with rain expected and higher temps later this week. Current 5AM temp is 27 degrees.
Photos show a few of our dog and human adventures in past few weeks. Rob has continued his steady, good training for the upcoming sprint race. Will we have a trail? we hope so! We've looked over the map and it's familiar running territory for several of our dogs, including, Buffy, Kiddo and Ruthie. Buffy continues to have the ever ready memory of a trail leader... sometimes surprising us with a sharp turn into deep snow where the trail ran BEFORE. Rob handles it.

We had two beginners on sleds this past weekend (Ray and Cindy) and each did very well. We love promoting the gentle sport of running with dogs.

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