Thursday, February 10, 2011

King, Valiant

King, age thirteen, has had a few tough years, but we call him "Valiant" as he just loved running, eating, playing. In November he developed an abcess on his head, which never did heal, along with a myriad of otherproblems for which he has been medicated. Yesterday another abcess festered and it was determined with the help of our also valiant vet, that he no longer could sustain quality of life. One of our original Scuba's pups, he raced in sprint early in his life. One of the three Hooligans, he lost his brother, Power, earlier this year. His sister, Glory continues on, the happiest dog in the kennel. They are a wonderful legacy back to Scuba, back to Susan Butcher's racing days. Godspeed, King!!

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